Monday, October 13, 2014

Choir from Tooele

Question time:
1. How tall are you? How much do you weight? Do your clothes still fit?
    Ha ha ha. I dont know. Quite flattering, though. I have worked extremely hard for that my entire mission. Looks like its paying off maybe$ (the question mark button on this keyboard doesn't work, so I will put a $ everywhere that there should have been a question mark)

 Chance looks a little bigger!

 2. Did you find a homemade soccer ball?
     No...... But I can find one here in Chimbote......

 3. What is your release date? NO, we are NOT going to come pick you up!
      Ha ha ha. They told me that I fly home and land on March 25, but the travel takes 2 days, so I have to leave on the 23. Funny, right$ I am SO far away from home.

 4. Any ideas for Christmas? I am starting to think about it since I have to ship it next month.
     Just get me that banjo........ ha ha ha ha. Other than that, I would very much like it if you could donate everything that you would have spent on me to Primary Childrens hospital. People need so much help......... or, donate it to Kendal Levine. Even better. I really mean that. It would make me smile to hear that it happened.

 5. I cant remember, do the Peruvians celebrate Halloween?
     Not really. Last year they didnt do anything that I noticed.

 6. Are you taking lots of pictures now? Did you find an adapter cord?
     Yes. I will send some now.

 7. Still studying German?
     Yes. But my progress is slow. I do a bunch of the excercises in the book every Sunday night. Thats my "German time." Ha ha ha

 8. Do you ever get American type food? I know you have pizza, Ive seen Papa Johns in the pictures. But does it taste the same?
     Papa Johns here is not the same. But its been so long since Ive tried the American kind, that I cant really remember what it tastes like..... Ha ha ha There is also a Burger King here in the center, but I think it too is different than it is in the states.

 9. When is your next transfer? Do you think you will be transferred?
       No. I honestly believe that I am riding this area out until the end. I will end here, I am sure.

 10. Did you get to see Conference yet?
       Yes. WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME THAT A CHOIR FROM TOOELE SANG$ I saw so many people I recognized! It was the coolest little treat to see Bro Reynolds and Sister Wright singing. I am glad they still exist. Ha ha ha. I loved Elder Uchtdorfs talk. He always hits home for me. "Lord, is it I$" That one was my favorite I think of this conference.

I am frustrated to tears with these junk computers...... someday, I will tell you about them when I can do it through talking to you face to face. Ha ha ha. They are the worst. But oh well. You are used to not getting pictures, right$ Ha ha ha ha ha. I am sorry.

I thought about Hayden this week too, dad. He is such a cool guy. I miss him to death. He has left a great example for the young men of the stake. Trials come, but they dont define our actions. As President Heder said, "our circumstances dont define us, they reveal us." I have come to understand that much more in my my time here in Peru. He was so right. So profoundly right. We have the power to overcome our trials. We either choose to do it, or not.

We are working with 2 really great families right now. We are hoping for a huge success with them. They are great people, but they have come from a DARK past. ha ha ha. Pray for them.
-Elder Boekweg
Leadership Council- Thank You Sister Marler!!

Chance sent these pics today of him in Chimbote.


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