Monday, January 19, 2015

The Invasion

Tell Brayden I love him. That man means a lot to me. Tell him to wait to catch up on adventure time with me. I want to study the plot with him. He will know what you mean.

The "happily ever after is starting to take form, I think." Brayden comes home this week.............. How strange.
My cool Bayern Munich jersey.  You like it?

I am SOOOOOO STOOOOKKKKKKEEEEEEDDDDDDD about the temple dedication. 21 of June
My beard is so powerful now..... I am one of the missinoaries that has to shave every single day without fail, or else you notice it...... ugh
This is me knocking a "door" here. Ha ha ha. The invasion is so poor. I love it there. Nobody knows how to read. The people are SO humble. It's some of the only true humility I have ever seen, I think. It's my favorite part of my area. 

Welcome to Alto Moche. Ha ha ha. Actually, this is the invasion of Alto Moche. They build their houses on a hill right next to Alto Moche and live there for free. It's poverty on a level that we don't know exists in the states. Our government passes out houses for free that are 80x better than these. No floor, no roofs, and walls of sticks  and tarps..... no water. No electricity. No nothing.

 Like this.......... Imagine the poorest place you 've ever heard of, then multiply it by 1,000...... and THAT'S my area. I have so many stories to tell when I get back. We're going to need 2 whole years just to catch up again. And I could never fully convey how things are here........ It's so different. I hope someday you get the chance to see poverty like this. Makes me wonder why humans worry about mars and dumb things like that, when our own world is doing so poorly.
We live up higher on the hill. In a house with a floor and roof. We have electricty, and water most of the time. It's has gone missing a few times, though.
That's all for this week. Love you all.
-Elder Boekweg


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