Monday, January 12, 2015

Sand Dunes!

1. Did you already get your travel papers?
    They are purchased, but I don't have them yet.

 2. How is the work going in your new area? We have been praying for you and your companion.
     KEEP PRAYING, IT'S WORKING. It's going great. We have several promising investigators.

 3. Do you need anything for your bday package?
      Nah. Irish Spring body wash, maybe. I've been thinking about how awesome it used to feel to use that wonderful stuff. "electrify", of course.

 4. What are you doing for pday now in this area?
     Today we are going to explore Incan ruins..... I'll take some pictures. should be cool.

 5. Do you think you will find a homemade soccer ball in this area?
      No.............. But if I do, I'll get one.

 6. Start thinking about what classes you want to take at BYU cuz I think registration will happen Friday Mar 27.
    Oh man...................... no way...... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. German 101 again for sure.......... and I don't know what else........

Thanks for the updates on the world......

Is it too late to buy 3 baby pigs? I was thinking of ways to earn money to come back to Perú for the temple dedication, and I think I could make enough with 3  or 4 pigs....... at least, for the plane tickets......... I am so desperate to go..... it is going to KILL me to have to leave right before the major event that I have been waiting for for 2 years............

Tell me about Tooele........... Send some pics.

The picture is what happens when your area is mostly sand dunes, and it's really, really hot and humid and you have to walk all day. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Funny, right?

I want to take pictures of the invasion area, but I am afraid I will get my camera stolen........ it's pretty poor there, mom............ you would have to see it to believe it.......... 
You can see the ocean in the background there in the distance....

I am EXTREMELY blessed here, because at the end of every single day, I get to see a sunset over the south pacific ocean. For free......... it's an incredible sight. 
I am in Alto Moche. I think the Book of Mormon started here. The moches are the really ancient Nephites, I believe. I'll have to explain it all when I get home. It's cool. Alto Moche is known for it's HUGE beetles that come out in the night and make a ton of noise. One night, one flew onto my neck, I screamed in fear, and threw it off me into the dirt, and a group of nearby children laughed their heads off at me. I had no idea what on earth it was!!!!!! apparently, they are not harmful, but thy sure are gross...........
Don't worry about me I have angels that walk in front of me, behind me, and to the sides of me. I have less to worry about than you guys in Tooele. I have seen divine protection many times.
I have to go now. See you later! Love you bye! Enjoy the pics.
-Elder Boekweg

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