Monday, February 2, 2015

"the dunes"

1. Did you get your travel plans and what time to you arrive here?
    No mom..... ha ha ha. not yet. I promise I'll send them when they arrive

 2. How is your training going?
     Extremely well. Elder Rivera is changing a lot.

 3. Did you meet Sister Marlers daughter and family?
     Yes. It was so strange to hear little children speak English. I haven't heard that in a LONG time.

 4. How is life in the invasion?
     It's.................... uhhh.............. inexplicable. So so poor.

 5. Will you be transferred again before you leave?
      Negatory. I'm "dying" here.

 6. Do you need anything? I still have time to ship it to you if you do?
     Nah. By the time it gets here. I'll just have to pack it up and carry it home.

 7. Did you receive my bday package?
     Not yet

 8. What is your favorite part of your area now?
     Still the invasion. "the dunes" they call it sometimes.

 9. What is your weather like on the coast?
     We've been having a tiny bit of rain these past few days. Mostly overcast. But it's usually very hot and very very sunny and very very, very humid. Oh man the humidity kills. It's so gross. I just want to be dry.....

 10. Have you had any baptisms in the invasion?
       No. Most people there cannot afford to travel to the church. So we have very little success there. People also usually can't read, so they can't gain a personal testimony of the Book of Mormon easily. They also usually have no desire to progress.... interesting, huh? Here in Perú, the success is found where they money is these days. I'll have to explain that to you when I get home.

Aunt Colleen's email last week was incredible. I love her. Send her my thanks. Tell her I'll teach her Spanish if she wants.

Its so fun to hear about the Gonzales family, MJ and Gus. I am so thankful that I won't lose my Spanish. But this means that I will always need to speak to them in Spanish. Are they down for that?

Happy Birthday Kelly!

That's if for this week.
Love you all,
-Elder Boekweg

Elder Leavitt and Elder Boekweg

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