Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Height- written by Elder Chance Boekweg May 2, 2013


A dozen seeds fell to the ground,
a grassy forest floor,
and quickly started sprouting up,
to join the great tree war,
Eleven started growing fast,
the way that most trees do,
one seed fell behind the rest,
but tried to grow fast too,
Eleven sprouted many leaves,
to catch the tasty sun,
the other, doing all he could,
had sprouted only one,
Eleven's leaves were much too high,
when many deer came by,
so the little tree was not surprised,
when he kissed his goodbye,
Eleven trees would laugh at one,
through snow and sun and rain,
poke twigs at him 'cause they were tall,
and he was not the same,
Eleven trees were old and bent,
when one tree finally grew,
but eleven trees still laughed at him,
and the best that he could do,
Eleven trees fell to the ground,
when heavy winds came through,
their trunks made weak by growing fast,
they each had snapped in two,
Now one tree stands alone, made strong,
by constant trying times,
a sturdy, thick, and gnarled trunk,
alone in tasty light

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