Thursday, May 2, 2013

Week 3- New P-Day

Madre y la familia,
Pday got moved to Tuesday. So here I am again.
   I got put in another Tri-panionship. We have a guy that's waiting for his Visa to Monterrey, Mexico. So I guess it's "possible" for any of us to leave any day. But it's not looking likely. A sister in my district told us about a guy she knew that waited for his Visa to Peru for 17 months. I'd bet I'm going stateside for the better part of my mission. I just hope it's not to the Tooele mission. Ha ha ha. Our old tri-panionship guy just wrote Elder Cinningham a letter telling us about how awesome Peru is. He's had 2 apostles come visit the Lima MTC. He plays soccer every day. He loves the Lima temple. The weather is great....... and on and on and on....... Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ugh. Oh well, huh?
   Today is the last day that the first verse of "My Dearest April applies..."
   You know how most people gain weight in the MTC? I've actually lost like 5 pounds. I don't eat anything here because...... it's interesting. Ha ha ha. My rule of thumb is that you don't eat anything that can carry out a conversation with you. So I don't end up with much, usually. Ha ha ha.
   I'm going to get my hair buzz cut right after this letter. That should look pretty fascinating.
   I actually feel like I have too much computer time here. What on earth am I going to do with an hour on the computer? Typing is a horrendous chore. Not to mention that I can't watch Pink Floyd videos on Youtube to pass the time anymore. Ha ha ha.
   This week marks the halfway point with the MTC. Whether my Visa comes or not, I will be somewhere else in another 3 weeks. Hopefully. Unless they keep me here to wait in the call center or something. This last Sunday, our Branch Presidency asked me and Elder Cunningham to be the zone leaders, which would be a harder job if we had more than 7 Elders in our Zone. Ha ha ha. We actually have way more sisters than Elders. I hear that the MTC is now 51% Elders, and 49% Sisters. How crazy is that?
   I am just so unquenchably excited to get my feet on Peruvian ground and get to work that it's sick. I just pray that it is God's will to have me in Peru soon. Every day I wake up believing my Visa will be in my mailbox, and every night I go to bed disappointed that it wasn't. I'm beginning to lose hope for it. But Elder Bednar said something cool about wanting things on a mission... "Who cares what you want? A mission is not about you." Ha ha ha. And so I will wait... wait and hope for, but not focus on getting out of Provo.
   I figured something out about Uncle, and therefore me. (Ha ha ha) His humor is totally missionary humor. We joke about funny situations happening, because they never do. Ha ha ha. Uncle must've brought it home from his mission, taught it to me, and kept it alive through Saturday night zombie hang outs. So I already understood the missionary humor when I got here. I also have a picture for you to see in 2 years where I look exactly like uncle... it's eerie.
   Oh yeah.... y'all're never going to believe this, but... I went to a meeting for new zone leaders yesterday, and I randomly sat next to ELDER BOEKWEG! I was like, "Elder, we have GOT to be related..." His name was Jacob Boekweg and he was from Provo. Apparently, we are from two totally different Boekweg families, both coming from Holland. But as all Boekwegs know, we are all related somehow. There's not too many of us kickin' around. He didn't seem to know about the Buckways, or the whole world war 1 name-changing story, but it was still cool. I thought he stole my nametag at first.
    (I don't know how to do unpside down question marks or accents on a keyboard, but here's this...) Espanol es muy bien. Es posible que en dos anos, no puedo hablar Ingles. Tambien, yo creo que orando en Espanol es mas bonita que Ingles a veces. Mis companeros son de acuerdos. Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios en nuestros dias modernos. Es un don para los ninos de Dios, y necesitamos lo estudiar. Es muy importante saber que es nuestro proposito en esta vida, y no podemos vivir con nuestro Padre Celestial otra ves sin el conocimiento que somos ninos de Usted y tenemos mucho para hacer aqui. Si queremos saber la mente de Dios, debemos leer las escrituras. Entonces, necesitamos hacer algo para nuestros hermanos.Todo es sobre amor. En esta vida, no debemos nos servir. Esta vida es sobre ayudando otras personas.
To the native speaker, I hope that all made sense...
I love you bye!

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