Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One month in the MTC

So according to the MTC, this is actually my 5th week. Meaning I "should" only have one more after this... but there is some bad news. Apparently, 1 in 4 Peru missionaries gets reassigned to wait for their Visa. The other 3 wait the extra weeks at the MTC to pass the time. My other companion just got his Visa, so he'll be leaving at the end of the week, probably. I turned my papers in before him... ha ha ha. Ugh. This means I'll be what's called a "solo" missionary. Because there are 4 hermanas in my district, I can be alone in rooms with them. So I'll be some sort of freakish breed of missionary. I even get a sticker for my nametag that says "solo." But this also means that when I need to go to the bathroom, I have to drag 4 girls with me to wait outside the door. Ha ha ha. I better get that stupid Visa soon...
   I met the Marlers (My mission President.) They are here learning spanish just like the rest of us. They are awesome people. It was a fluke, too. We were on the way back from the temple session last P-day, and I overheard them talking to some other missionaries. I heard the name Marler, and I asked, "Hey you wouldn't happen to be the next mission president of the Trujillo Peru mission, would you?" He laughed and said yes. Then we talked for close to an hour. He said it was okay. He doesn't get to Peru until July. But he and his wife are also Visa-waiting... He said that there is no tracting in our mission because the members give the missionaries enough referrals. I am bummed about that... Ha ha ha. I was all excited to tract the dirt streets of the poorest place on earth. He also said that there are only 2 meals a day in Peru. A small breakfast, and a big lunch. That's not what uncle Roberto told me, but maybe he just meant for missionaries. He also told me that only 20% of the Elders in the Trujillo mission are North American. crazy, right?
   It has already been a month. I only have 23 left. One went by so fast. I have a feeling that this is going to be over before I even know it. I just hope that I can eventually be in Peru...
   There is no way on this green Earth that I will ever figure out how to upload pictures on to this piece of junk... I am sorry. I'll just send you my SD card or something. Maybe I'll just print out the pictures, tape them to rocks, and throw them home. Ha ha ha. It may actually work... I have frustrated myself for 4 weeks in a row now... I give up.
   I wish I could convey my many thoughts to you... But I just can't type them like I want to. I don't have enough time to type out the many things that I want to tell you about. So I'll just talk to you in 2 years when I get home. Ha ha ha ha. These computers are the bane of my existence. I have to erase every single word and fix the spelling of it at least once because I hit a wrong key.  Ugh.
   Tell Eileen that I loved her letter. It was good to hear that they are raccoon free as of late. Ha ha.
   And for the package this week..... I guess I could use some more Irish Spring wash, because I'm out... And if it's possible, I would like a loaf of Grandma's bread with some butter and jelly. Ha ha ha.
   I love you all,

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  1. Ah. Poor Chance. It's hard enough going to the bathroom with one missionary companion waiting on you, but 4 sisters!!? Ha! That's cool he met his future mission president. Maybe if they get their visas before him they can just shove him in their luggage and take him. :)