Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Yay! Pictures finally

      As far as the cd goes..... Give it to anyone who wants it. But more specifically, Linzi, Jacee, and Tyler Kelsey all need a copy. Sadie needs one. Tali needs her own. Give one to Kirk. And then I really don't know who would want one after that. It was awesome to see though... You did a really good job. Thank you very much! Ironic that I wasn't there for the release of my album.... Oh well.
   Elder Richards has become a friend of mine. We are both going to Peru. He says he thinks our Visas came, but I have my doubts. Until I'm holding it in my hands, I refuse to believe that it's here. But that would make me very, very happy. While I'm on this subject, I will tell you about my companion, Elder Cunningham. I really, truly could not have asked for a better companion. He is awesome. We get along perfectly well. I doubt that I'll have another companion this good ever again.  Either way, it has been good to have such a cool friend here at the MTC... And tell grandma Boekweg that he is the missionary she looked up online from Rexburg.
   I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since you dropped me off here. Time has flown by. I guess that's a good way to describe it. Ha ha ha. Slow in the moment, fast in review.
   There is an hermana in my district that Courtney would LOVE. Her name is hermana Udy, and she raises sheep on a gigantic farm up in Plymouth Utah. She's been breeding sheep for a thousand years with her famuily. She thought it was awesome that I had a grand champion pig one year... At least SOMEONE thinks it's cool.... Ha ha ha ha. She's big into FFA, and with hearing about Courtney's new FFA Vice-Pres stuff, I thought her and Courtney might actually be the same person. Anyway, hermana Udy looks EXACTLY like MJ from the old spiderman movies.
   I laughed so hard at DJ's graduation announcement. He's still the exact same kid as he was all those many years ago. My oldest friend. Ha ha ha ha. I love that guy to death. And Kenzie's announcement was the envy of every missionary on my floor. They all tried to steal it. Glamour shots of girls are kind of sparce here....... So that was funny too.
   So I believe you (and Nancy) are going to kill me... I promised you both that I would take a lot of pictures, and so far I've taken about 8.... Ha ha ha. And I show up in like..... 2 of them. With that being said, I will try to take more when I get to scenic Idaho Falls. Until then, I will continue trying to upload these few pictures... Ugh. I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I can't see which picture's I'm uploading, so I hope they're good ones.
   Dad's letter was funny. Long live Pink Floyd.
   Courtney.... you better not be dating by the time I get home... I have already been weirded out by your getting a job and stuff.... In my brain, you will always be that little brat who was missing her front tooth. Ha ha ha
   Also, if at any point in the next 2 years dad gets my car sold.... I would like to know about it.
   I am sitting next to Elder Wood, who played on BYU-Hawii's soccer team! He is sick good. His skills are from his eagle powers. He says his club team before college was in the top 8 in the nation........ So he's a ton of fun to play with, now that the field is opened here. He runs circles around us all. He is a Messi fan. And he hates Ronaldo... which is all that is truly important among humans.
   I was talking to a guy from boutinful, and I told him I was from Tooele. He said, "Tooele, Idaho? I've been there." I laughed my guts out. I told him we are close to the Nevada border, but not quite Idaho. I find it amazing how many people don't know where Tooele is.
   Also, I have discovered about 5 more Boekwegs in the last week. As it turns out, our name is an LDS church name. Tons of Mormons have it. I used to think I was pretty special and unique, and then I realized that half of Provo knows a Boekweg already.
   I hope you all have another good week. Time is flying. Before you know it, I will have been gone a year. It's weird to think that in the situation of Hermana Gomez, I will have been away from her longer than I've known her when my mission is done. Pretty. Odd. (That was for Linzi Kelsey)
   Anyway, I love you all and I hope I get to call home from an airport this week. We'll see how things go, eh?
      Todo con amor,
               Elder Boekweg
As you will see- Chance finally figured out how to upload pictures. Although this first one came from the mom of one of the missionaries. She found us on facebook and shared the photo. I was so excited to see it. The Elder next to Chance is his companion Elder Cunningham.
Here is Chance and Elder Jeff Monson from Tooele

Cool- his name tag in Spanish

This one is random- but hey Im just grateful for the pictures!

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  1. Hahahaha I love the pictures :) and this kid!