Sunday, May 25, 2014

One More Week.....


Well...... it's been a crazy week. I am here training my replacement. Elder Winterton. He's going to be GREAT at this job. How a pig farmer ever wound up as a flight agent/doctor will always be a mystery to me. Ha ha ha ha ha. I wonder why God chooses people like me to be here. We are so full of flaws. But I am here as long as God wants me here. I will never give up. I will keep trying. Keep praying for miracles. Keep believing. It is all I can do. I can do no mighty things of myself, nor can I help even one person without the help of higher power. It is so humbling to know that I am completely useless here without divine assistance. 
Pres. Marler & Elder Winterton  (Chance's new replacement)
Chance will be leaving the office next week.

Looks like I have one more week in civilization...... then, it's off to the mountains of PerĂº........... that's so crazy. I hope I do the church well up there. Things are about to get REAL.

Brayden is the assistant! I so knew it! I wrote him months ago and told me to let me know when this happened. Congrats, man!

Dad's beard is sweet. He's not going to shave it until I'm back, huh? Is that the deal?

Does that mean Grandpa Thorpe is going to shave his stache when I get back?

I just hit empty on things to say..... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry. My letters home REEK! I skim everyone else's letters, and mine are definitely the worst! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I'll just talk to you all later. It's not like we are never going to see each other again. I'm not dead. Ha ha ha.

I love you all. Thanks for the pictures! They are always cool!
.... and thank you for never giving up on writing me long letters. I appreciate them so much.

Love you!

- Elder Boekweg
Elder Boekweg and Elder Zavaleta gave a great training, and it was great to hear Elder Boekweg teaching. (From Sister Marlers blog.)

Chance sent home an SD card from the first year of his mission. Here are some of the pics.........


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