Monday, September 15, 2014

God's got the Plan


1. How did you like your playdough haha?
     Fun. Ha ha ha. I love you mom.

 2. Can you see the temple from your area?
     No. Temple's about 3 hours from here.

 3. How is the work going in Chimbote? Any baptisms scheduled?
     Yes! 2 for this Saturday. I'll do my best to get pictures sent home.

 4. What is your companion like? He is from Chile?
      He is the best. Hilarious. He is learning English, and is constantly saying the funniest stuff. Ha ha ha ha ha-

 5. What do you do with the winter clothes now haha?
      I think I might send them to the mountains for the guys that need them. Is that okay with you?

 6. Did you get that T shirt made from Linzi's drawing?
     Today I'm doing it.

 7. Did you buy a camera?

 8. Have you needed any dental work since you've been there?
     I'll tell you later. :)

 9. How is your toe healing? Will I get a bill to my insurance for that?
     Good. and No. Mission covers it.

Thanks Uncle. We are alike in so many ways. I love you

Grandpa Jeep pic is sweet.

God requires our whole being. Not just part of us. Not just the bigger part of us. All of us. He will work patiently until we surrender every part of our souls to Him and His Son. Not because He wants us to be generic robots, but because He loves us, and knows that doing this will lead to an end of greater happiness than we can imagine. He puts us in fires to make us fireproof. If we willingly surrender all that we are, then He doesn't have to take anything away. He wants our progression. He wants our success. Everything that he does is for us and it will always be that way because He is our Father. Don't doubt Him. Don't give up on Him. Because He never, never, never gives up on us. We are valuable and precious to Him. We become like Him, when we act like Him.
God's got the plan.

-. Elder Boekweg


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