Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trujillo Peru Temple

1.Did you get my package yet?
    YES! Mini M&M's are great. Thank you so much!

2.When is the Trujillo Temple going to be dedicated?
    They tell me September of next year. I keep thinking, "The only way I'm coming back is if Deedre takes me" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. We could volunteer at an orphanage, too! I know a few good ones. I'll be her guide! Ha ha ha ha ha. Seeing as how I'll be a poor college student, I don't think I'll be able to make it back. Which makes me SUPER sad. I spent my whole mission telling people about the importance of that big grey building in Huanchaco, but I won't see it completed. It's like eating a whole plate of rice, and having to leave before they serve the cake.

3. Do you watch general conference live?
    Don't know. But it's coming right up, eh? Pretty crazy. Seems like NO time passes inbetween them.

I was talking to a guy this week in his door. I noticed that one of his teeth was wiggling as he spoke. Imagine my suprise when this very same tooth simply fell out of his mouth down onto the floor. I thought I would laugh, but as the man just kept talking like nothing had happened, I just kept listening to him...... True story.

I am sorry to hear about Kendall...... I will keep her in my prayers. God has a way of making missions really interesting for each of us. Imagine her story after all this....

Linzi, I need you to draw me a pirate ship sailing through a galaxy..... use your imagination.
I love you Amy Bate.

I got your beard pictures from the cabin....... everyone thinks I was born on the "other" side of the railroad tracks. Ha ha ha. Iove you guys.

Not much time this week....

Vans are lame! Trucks are cool! Ha ha ha.

I love you Dad. Comfortably Dumb. Be where you are. I wrote you a message on the wall of a bathroom stall the other day. Everyone else had done it......... Thought I'd throw one up in English.

Mom. You mean the entire world to me. There is no person on this earth that I am more excited to see in a few more months than you. I hope you are doing well. Don't let uncle eat all our food. Ha ha ha.  I love him too.

Sorry I never send pictures home..... ha ha ha. Everyone hates me for that, I am sure. I am in the coolest place on earth, and don't ever send pictures of it........ ha ha ha ha ha. I just can't figure out these computers..... they are hard. It takes so much time to send a picture that I would have no time to write anthing. And my camera doesn't even work.

I have a question - Can Deedre send me more family history stories? I loved reading those 2 stories about the Calls.

Got to go! The internet hotspot geshtapo just taped my shoulder. If i don't get off, he'll charge me another 2 and a half cents. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah a. 

Love you all!

- Elder Boekweg
A couple of pictures of the progress on the Trujillo Peru Temple.


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