Monday, September 29, 2014

Hot Air Ballon Crew!

Well..... sounds like another week indeed HAS flown by. Every week feels one day shorter.

I am SO jealous of that Pink Floyd concert.....................

Crazy that Erin comes home so soon. 
Uncle....... Buttermilk nuggets plus Hot tub plus Zombies....... is such a thing possible? Why, such a level of pure ecstasy would rip a hole in the very fabrics of time, I'd say......... therefore, I believe we have an obligation to the race of men to try it.............

Don't have too much to say this week. Just that I am increasingly interested in the idea of talking to Roberto in Spanish when I get back. I am so excited. I will be able to talk to him in a way that nobody else in the family can.......... 
Don't have any new pictures as my camera is still under the weather..........
Milton, my convert from last week, got the Aaronic Priesthood this week. He is so cool. And so scary.... ha ha ha I love that guy
 Hope work is good............... Got a question for you.......... can you believe that in 5 months and like 25 days or something I come home? I feel like I REALLY don't have enough time left. I can't believe it has gone so fast up to this point. My group is officially the oldest white guys in the mission now. All the young white guys think of us as the gods....... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Like I used to think about Elder Young. That is so weird.............
I am really trying to get a package sent home to everyone. I have so much stuff to send that nobody wants to take it home in their luggage..... But I will find a way.

Sounds like I may have a summer job when I get home. Hot air balloon crew! Ha ha ha ha. Elder Bramble really is getting his balloon, and he says I am good to go with him. He's going to get me trained in skydiving as well, supposedly. I really think it could work, too........ this might be NUTS.....
I love the mission. I was talking to my companion about it, and it is the only place that you can be happy every single day. Nowhere else allows you to never have to think about yourself. And I have learned that thinking about others is way more worth your time than thinking about yourself. Selfishness is misery.
With that being said, you should know that it is also the hardest thing I have ever done. Ha ha ha ha. With sweetness, comes equal bitterness. There are really hard times as well. But when everything is said and done, it is worth every second. To the young men of the Carr Fork ward, I say, "GO ON MISSIONS. Don't make excuses. Don't be afraid. You will be ready when God needs you to be." Just trust Him. He is, after all, the grad designer of the entire universe. Seems like it would be easier to have faith in the very thing that created us and sustains our lives. But some people can't overcome the doubt. Just have faith, and everything will be alright.
I love you mom. Thank you for always being a rock in my life, and the lives of countless others. A mother to many. 

Tell Amy Bate that I am still waiting for her letter. Ha ha ha. And that I love her.

Tell dad, "comfortably dumb"

- Elder Boekweg

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