Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lots of Pictures

Chimbote Zone

1. Did you watch the dedication of the Ogden Temple?

 2. Why havent you bought a camera? Please get one right away.
       I am afraid to buy one....... What if a better is just a day away?

 3. How did your t-shirt turn out with Linzi's art?
     Good. I will try to send one home.

 4. I am very concerned about your answer last week to the dental work question. What has happened to your teeth?
     My "permanent" retainer has been broken for months and months and months....... ha ha ha. There's no place to fix it here. The cement is falling apart. I am waiting for it to fall off completely, but two teeth still have it good. I'll worry about when Im in the US of A

 5. How did your baptisms go? What are the people like?
     One is named Milton. He is awesome. I would run in fear of him if I saw him in Salt Lake. THUG. But he's so sensitive to the spirit. Truly a chosen man. The other is Shandè. The missionaries have been teaching him for some time now. He is cool also. I did not get any pictures, but I made my companion promise that he would transfer me some.

Sister Marler said we need to gather Family History information about our own families..... so I need help from you guys. Grandma should send me everything she knows or remembers about the Barlows and that crowd. Yeah? Deedre keep em coming.

Elder Uceda visited us this week. It was AWESOME. He said they are going to open the temple sooner than we think! Maybe I'll see it as a missionary!? That would be the greatest thing ever.....

I really wish I had more time to write.... ugh...............

Tell Grandpa Thorpe that I thought about him this week. That jeep pic last week made me laugh.....
Dad.... don't forget about my truck. Ha ha ha.

I love you guys I am so excited to tell you all these crazy things that happen here..... I just wish I could tell you more in the short hour I have to write.

I'm so glad I took these pictures of Santiago de Chuco...... because I don't think missionaries will ever be there again. What an adventure that was!

Doesn't Erin come home this week? 
 Also...... COURTNEY IS A CLONE OF MOM. What  on earth!? 

When does AJ Walters get home? I'd like to send him a message sometime...... I just don't know his address.

There you have pictures...... :) Now tell me I'm a good boy. Ha ha ha ha ha. I was thinking about it this week, and realized that I haven't sent pictures home in several months...... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I am such a bum. Dad oughtta love the one of the house. He'd live there if it were an option, I am sure. Check out this funky tree in the Andes! Totally covered in moss. Kind of creepy.
- Elder Boekweg

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