Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Call

Well mom...... I also do not want to write too much, because even though I've spent two years half a world away from you, we always seem to run out of things to talk about in our one Christmas call home a year. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It just takes too long. I'll tell you everything when I get back. Ha ha ha. Or I'd have to spend the rest of my mission just typing. So be ready for a long probably really weird story when you see me again.

I still love the work more than life itself. I am working hard here in "El Carmen," and am working on a big plan for the stake, We want 1,000 people attending church in the stake by march. It would be the first time it's ever happened in the history of the stake!

Please come with a bunch of questions..... because I could talk about thousands of things....... and I therefore have NO clue which to choose. But this will be your last chance to ask Elder Boekweg something in person. The next time you see me, I'll just be Chance again. Weird, right?

I'll try to take some pictures of Christmas day too with your packages. Though I make no promises.......... ha ha ha ha........................ I'll do my best to remember.

y'all should see my SWEET toe right now. It's heinous. It's like my trophy for having walked for so long. Ha ha ha ha. Remember the pioneer shildren song? Ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a

I love you all. Sorry I'm not very photogenic. That blog always seems to catch me at my worst. Someday I'll do a good photoshoot. HA HA HA HA HA.


- Elder Boekweg
This is from the Christmas program last weekend at Plaza De Armas Trujillo Peru. Glad to see that Chance still gets to play the guitar and sing! You can find the video of his song on my Facebook page.

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