Monday, December 8, 2014

Mountain Hat

Alright.................... I am not extending. Nobody else in my group will do it with me. Ha ha ha ha. And we won't make it to the dedication anyway. They say it's between may10-june10. So I will be coming home in March. On the 25th. There wouldn't really be a justifiable reason to do it. I was called with specific dates of start and finish, I guess.

We are working with 5 awesome familes right now. We are going to need many miracles. We need 4 marriages, 1 divorce, and 12 baptisms to take place in the next two months. Pray for them. It can happen.

I need you to send me the recipe for carrot cake. The lady that washes our clothes wants to make some for Christmas. Hermana Liz. She's insane. Ha ha ha ha. But cool, too.
The Christmas packages got here. They are under our little tree that we bought. And yes, the mountain hat is MINE. I got no credit for it on the blog. Everyone thinks it's sweet.
I don't really have much to say......... I love the work here. It's going good. I wish my zone would get into more people's houses, but they are doing alright as well. 

Hey dad. Comfortably dumb.
Out of time. I love you all. Goodbye!

- Elder Boekweg

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