Monday, December 1, 2014


1. What did you do if anything for Thanksgiving? Im pretty sure you didnt have turkey haha.
     We did a zone fast. ha ha ha. I didn't remember it was thanksgiving this year....... it was sort of a lame holiday even before it didn't exist here in Perú........

 2. Are you baptizing in Chimbote? You never mention anything about baptisms.
     We had a few last change, but nothing too recent. We are working with 5 complete families. They progress more surely, but less fast. That's why we are demorando with this.

 3. Who is the new AP since Elder Zaveleta went home?
      Elder Brown from Provo (He's half Nicaraguan)

 4. Do you need new white shirts?

5. How is your health? Everything good?
    Well..... aside from the fact that HUGE cockroaches run up and down the walls every night, everything but my mental health is fine. I am so tired of stepping on them in the morning when I get out of bed...  there's just so many...... you really can't avoid it.

I am glad to hear the package made it. The tops are for dad. I figured he'd like them. All street children here play with those. And those are high-class ones. They cost less than one dollar a piece. Ha ha ha. 

So................ change of plans..... I might be extending again. Ha haha ha haha. President asked if me and Elder Leavitt were going to do it..... I guess that means the window is still open........ 

Sister Boody called you? I was in the exact same ward as her for like 15 months..... ha ha ha ha a ha. She knows everything about my mission, practically. Funny, right? I hope she didn't say anything bad............ ha ha ha ha ha ha

Thanks for the letter Sadie! I love receiving them. I wish I could send letters back.......

Mom. I am glad you liked the poem. Pretty deep, eh? Pink Floyd-ish, I would say. I still want a banjo....... that is the sincere desire of my heart. HA HA HA HA. SUBMIT TO THE BANJO.

Dad. Grandpa is funny. thanks for the pic. I would like to go explore the desert with you sometime. That place in FAR southwest Utah where there is absolutely nothing but dirt and wierd people wandering around in it.

How can I get back to the temple for the dedication? I think it's going to happen between may 15 and june 15. I will BARELY miss it even with an extension. We will know for sure this week, I hear. I am desperate to get back for that. Sounds like just about everyone in my group will be coming back for it. They're kind of a well-to-do lot of guys. I can only imagine how it would be. I am sure I could stay with people probably for free. Food is cheap. All I need is the ticket.......... THAT'S the expensive part...... We'll see, I suppose. I just don't think I could do it. I have no idea how much it would cost to fly here and back. And I would only have a few weeks to earn the money, really. Maybe I could come back after the dedication in like, December or even next year sometime. We'll see....

I love everyone. Until next week,

-Elder Boekweg
**Thank you Sister Marler for the picture!!
Elder Pearce, Elder Stephens , Elder Bates, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Boekweg and Elder Bramble practice,
"Have a Jolly Holly Christmas"

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