Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Program

Not much to report this week. Just the usual run. We did the zone training this week. I used the lights you sent me to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Thank you for those. My other gifts are under a small tree we bought.

Christmas Skype home - dec 24 still, but now at 8 o'clock Peru time. I will be skyping home from my bishop's house. He's cool.

We are doing a guitar/harmonica number in the Christmas show. I am sure Sister Marler will post it this week. And if not, next week. It's in Spanish this time. "Cristo ha Resucitado" number 122 in the Spanish hymn book.

I enjoy hearing that everyone thinks I look older. It's about time. I have felt like I looked too young forever. Ha ha ha.

There have been a series of murders and robbing's in my neighborhood lately. Also, a new guy just won a political position here. I don't really know much about him. He might kick gringoes out of Ancash (where I am) just like he did in Huar├íz. Stuffs getting crazy. We'll see what happens. 
I am fine. Not sick. Not scared. We feel angels around us always. What more could I say?
I got the Thanksgiving letter from the Boekwegs! Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Brayden and Austin!!!
I love you all, 
Enjoy the picture of Chimbote.
-Elder Boekweg

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