Monday, December 29, 2014


Dear Mom,
BIG CHANGES. So..... right after the Christmas talent show President Marler made a huge announcement. The mission will be split in two. Trujillo North, and Trujillo South. Needless to say, he now neeeds to make twice as many leaders for the mission by July. So I imagined he would probably make a few of us old leaders trainers to raise up some more guys that already knew a few things about leadership by the time the new mission was opened. And......... I am one of them. Yup. I am going to be a trainer until the end. My last two changes will be spent in a place called Alto Moche, which is on the very southernmost point of Trujillo, literally on top of the beach. It may be the poorest place I've been so far. I am not sure if it's dangerous or not yet, but I'll let you know, It's what's called an invasion, which means that it's just a group of people that decided to set up camp there without anyone's permission, and they came in numbers so large that the police can't kick them out. So it's very, very, very poor. But those are my favorite places.
I am very sad to leave El Carmen. It was a great area. But I trust the Lord in all His direction, and I am willing to do whatever He wants. It's kind of funny how different my mission has been from the norm. I have lived it all in reverse! ha ha ha ha ha. President Marler called me this morning and said that he has agonized over this since I was called to the office, thinking that I should train from the very beginning, but never knowing when it would happen. So he took his last opportunity to set me up. I will be a district leader also, as I open this new area. Oh yeah, it's a new area, which means that it'll be somewhat like Santiago de Chuco was with almost nothing to start from. I am excited. I love hard things.
I have never been so................... aware of things. This is going to be the end of my mission. I will leave this new missionary to go home. That's INSANE. Only two and a half months left. It's this odd feeling of peace, anxiety, excitement, fear, and more than anything else, simply eeriness. It's going to be over so fast. I hope I can take these last two changes and be an awesome example for this new missionary. I'll probably show up on the blog with him this week. Keep an eye out.
I don't have much else to say. I am stoked about the banjo! Now I need a Dobro. Ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah. But seriously, I am really excited about that. I put the picture up on my wall when I opened it in November. Just kidding.
Shauna Taylor wrote me by the way,  I love that lady. She's so funny. 
Dad......... is a massive bison of a man. What on earth happened to me that I turned out so small? People don't believe me when I show them pictures of dad. They all say, "do you mean your step dad?" Ha ha ha ha. Oh well.
I love you all. I guess I will talk to you again next week...... from my final outpost. See ya!
- Elder Boekweg
So thankful for technology and the opportunity to Skype with Chance on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Day Talent Show, Trujillo Peru

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